Bloody Rowing

The Kirkkovene is the Finnish church boat with which people in the Finnish lakeside were rowed to mass every Sunday. Now popular graffiti, the Kirkkovene is represented by the “vulgar” drawing of a pussy, as the boat is seen from above, oars in every direction. This deliciously yonic fleet would keep faith afloat and ritualistically deliver its devotees to their place of worship.

I too desired to cross the sea in a wooden vulva and decided to spend my 26th birthday rowing a boat of my own.

After collecting my menstrual blood in a jar in the freezer for nine months. I rowed between the islands of the Helsinki shoreline, the consolidated cum stains of the sea, and inseminated their soil with my blood.

I fasted the entire journey until I got home and ate the birthday cake I had baked myself.

Solo Performance
Helsinki, Finland