Who’s Your (Techno)Mummy?

A call for new Kindred.
I am gathering my techno-siblings and I’m inviting them to step inside the Kirkkovene with me to row as a collective body floating in the alternative time of water. Perhaps we can enter into a new social contract of our own.
You & I.
One where we step inside of the wooden vulva of the Kirkkovene and not only fiction ourselves to a collective truth, but stage the event of our own rebirth into an era of expanded kinship where pleasure is a component of evolution.

Leather Stilettos Kicking Skeivt Kulturår Off the Bar
Curated by Nayara Leite & Tanja Silvestrini
PAB Local- The Queer Edition

Solo Performance
Fincken Bar
Bergen, Norway

Photography: Nayara Leite